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Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific

Humanwell strives to be the leader in targeted market segments.

Humanwell ranks in the top 20 among leading pharmaceutical companies, including multi-national pharmaceutical companies, in China. We are a predominant leader in anesthetics/analgesic and Uyghur medicine, with market share more than 60% and 50%, respectively. We are also a major provider of fertility regulation drugs with market share of more than 30%. With an expanding product portfolio of high value products, Humanwell hope to become a top 10 pharmaceutical company in China in the not so distant future.

Humanwell serves its patients and customers in China through 14commercial task forces and a dedicated sales force of 6,000. The company’s distribution networks have direct access to 10,000 hospitals and 30,000 pharmacy stores. Humanwell also provides service of care to millions of patients through 16directly owned or managed hospitals, including general, women’s and children’s, traditional Chinese medicine hospitals and specialty clinics.

Humanwell has been providing APIs and finished products to many countries in Asia for decades. It started to provide anesthetics to Vietnam and other South East Asia countries, in 2009.