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CGTN:China biotech industry——Government giving its full support to emerging industry

date:2017-3-6 10:33:12 count:1131



Wuhan's Biotech Zone has been emphasizing the concept of innovation since its inception. Perhaps this is why it has attracted more than 1200 biotech companies. Humanwell here is one of them. Its drugs have been approved by US Food and Drug Administration as well as European Union. They were sold worldwide. That's something achieved it couldn't have been imagined just a few years ago.



WANG XUEHAI,CEO: Here's in the zone the local authorities tries to speed up the drug approvals. So it takes less time for us to get the products into the market. I think it is also a kind of innovation. 



THE JOURNALIST: China's still in the early stage of developing its pharmaceutical manufacturing industry but it'll be still a main focus for the country over the next ten years as known as the way to drive Made-in-China 2025 Strategy. 



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